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Jessica J. Thompson 

Location: CT 




Quinnipiac University                                                Hamden, CT

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Television, and Media Arts 

May 2021 

Concentration: Film

GPA 3.60|Dean's List 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

Chair 10 Productions                                                Newtown, CT

Intern                                                    March 2023 - May 2023

  • Acquired new industry standard knowledge of budgeting, scheduling, and script breakdown                                                                             

  • Refined data organization skills by researching and creating a vendors list            

  • Expanded my network by attending social events that were held throughout the state

Bernard Buddy Jordan Foundation                                  Bridgeport, CT

Social Media Coordinator                               February 2023 - May 2023

  • Strengthened graphic design skills through creating creative daily posts for Instagram                                                                             
  • Reinforced collaboration abilities by working closely with the foundation coordinator to ensure that I was promoting the foundations message correctly
  • Enhanced time management and organization abilities by creating and sending out weekly newsletters to foundation members                                                              

JJ Film and Video                                                  Branford, CT

Marketing and Social Media Specialist              January 2022 - February 2023

  • Strengthening production management skills through coordinating photoshoots and other various content                                                                           

  • Reinforcing marketing strategies by acquiring new ideas for the business in order to help reach its target audience                                                         

  • Refining graphic and web design skills through constant editing for the site to ensure that it looks appealing and functions properly


Bernard Buddy Jordan Foundation                                  Bridgeport, CT

Videographer                                                   June 2022 -September 2022

  • Reinforced camera knowledge by using the Sony A7iv                                       

  • Refined interview skills by researching to ensure that questions were targeted toward the subject(s)                                                                            

  • Strengthened collaboration abilities by working closely with one of the board members and interns to understand their creative vision 

New York University                                                  Queens, NY

2ndAC                                                                         April 2022

  • Strengthened camera knowledge by organizing equipment                                    

  • Acquired new terminology by assisting the director and DP before slating              

  • Collaborated with new crew members       

Hallmark: The Ghosts of Christmas Always                           Hartford, CT

COVID PA                                                                      March 2022

  • Enforced production health and safety guidelines on set through clear communication   

  • Strengthened organization skills by coordinating and verifying all COVID tests each week                                                                                     

  • Ensured sanitary items were available for all cast and crew by keeping track of supplies each week 

Pier 59 Studios                                                    New York, NY

Studio Assistant                                            January 2022 - February 2022

  • Maintained organization skills by keeping the studio in order                          

  • Reinforced customer service abilities by attending to clients need during shoots      

  • Enhanced collaboration and problem solving capabilities through studio builds and client requests

Loopy Loup Productions: Could Thou And I                            Windham, VT

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and Gaffer                July - November 2021

  • Enforced collaboration skills by working closely with the director to help reinforce his creative vision                                                                   

  • Strengthened leadership and multi-tasking skills by performing three roles at once                       

  • Attained knowledge of new camera equipment such as the 12K Ursa Blackmagic, Proaim Video jib, and the Dana Dolly   

Netflix: The Noel Diary                                            Stamford, CT

Health and Safety Monitor                                                May - July 2021

  • Enforced CDC guidelines for all crew and organized and maintained COVID testing documentation                                                                             

  • Organized and stocked supplies to ensure PPE was provided at every location           

  • Enhanced communication skills by acquiring greater knowledge of film terminology 

Quinnipiac University                                                Hamden, CT

Director of Senior Capstone Film                                  August 2020 - May 2021

  • Strengthened leadership skills through research and directing classes                 

  • Strengthened the ability to problem solve as the pandemic jeopardized our production                                                                   

  • Acquired new collaboration skills through constant communication with cast and crew members 

Engage The Vision                                                 Hawthorne, CA

Video Intern                                                        January - April 2020

  • Collaborated with co-workers to direct and produce a promotional video for a new start-up company                                                                      

  • Acquired leadership roles by taking on new creative film and photography projects       

  • Strengthened communication skills through client collaboration 

Other Production Assistant Experience

Haley Wetherington Production|Brooklyn, NY      Can You Feel It Music Video January 2022


Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Lightroom, Canva, Airtable, and Final Draft 12

Hardware: Sony A7iv, 12k Ursa Blackmagic, Sony FS-5, shotgun mics, lavalier mics, Ari lights, Lowell lights, Kino Flo's, Dana Dolly, C-stands, and tripods

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