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Middle of The Night Music Video (2022)

Roles: Director, DP, & Editor

Camera: Sony A7IV

Software: Adobe Premiere

Music By: Joel Sunny


Info: For this music video, I focused on featuring different camera angles and movements. I used a balance of hand-held and static shots to match the fluidity of the music. I color graded it with a warmer tone to accomplish the enchanting aesthetic. I chose to shot it in 1080 at 120fps instead of 4K to achieve the slow-motion effect.

Could Thou And I (2021)

Roles: DP, Gaffer and Camera Op

Camera: Ursa Blackmagic 12K

Software: Adobe Premiere & Davinci Resolve 


Info: This is a montage of scenes from the indie feature that I worked on from July-September 2021. It's a father-daughter drama that switches between reality and fantasy. I wanted the audience to feel as if they were a part of the fantasy world and so I often used 35, 50, and 85mm lenses. I kept the lighting soft for the fantasy scenes versus the reality scenes where I often used flags on C-stands to add shadows on the actor's faces to create a more dramatic feel. I also kept all the reality scenes cool-toned and the fantasy scenes warm-toned to separate the two worlds. I enjoyed working on this film as I got to experiment with different angles and try out new equipment such as the Kino Flo lights and the Dana Dolly.    

NYC Travel Vlog (2018)

Camera: Nikon D5300 

Software: Adobe Premiere

Info: I created this video for my college BFA application. I focused on cinematic elements such as rack focusing, lighting, color grading, and experimenting with different angles that I had never tried before. 


Ben's Lighthouse Documentary (2016)

Camera: Nikon D5300 


Software: iMovie 


Info: Ben's Lighthouse is a non-profit foundation that was created in honor of one of the Sandy Hook victims, Benjamin Wheeler. I was inspired to create this film after having been heavily involved with the foundation since it was founded in 2014. I went on a mission trip to Colorado with Ben's Lighthouse and shortly afterwards started my own Ben's Lighthouse club at my high school. The film took a while to complete, but I wanted to make sure that all voices were heard. This was the first documentary that I created, and I learned a lot about film in the process. My goal was to help raise awareness for the foundation in hopes to gain more support. For more information about Ben's Lighthouse and how to get involved, click here




Byron Lazine Podcast (2022)

Software: Adobe Premiere


Info: I was tasked with editing Byron's 30 minute podcast into a 30 second - 1 minute long TikTok Video. This was a learning experience as I had never edited a podcast before, but I enjoyed the process and got a lot out of the opportunity. I needed to create a hook that would get the viewer's attention and so I searched for the most important talking point that Byron and David discussed. After creating the hook, I re-framed the video so it was the correct aspect ratio for the platform. I added text, using the bold font. The last step that I did was insert graphics for comedic effect.

*Footage is courtesy of RE3 Media. 

Bury A Friend Music Video (2019)